• Fishing Lecture Hall
    We welcome every company to rent our Fishing Lecture Hall. It can accommodate two hundred people and designed with simple, clean and wooden style to upgrade the overall texture also has fluid table and pantry room. Please call for rental 04-3501-3338.
  • Activity Area
    The activity area of fishing story museum can give you a new experience of exhibition by giving you special surprise in a whole new way. We update the exhibit oftenly , you could so long to the old fashion of exhibit.
  • OKUMA Reel Display Area
    The reel display area collects our representative reels in every periods of Okuma Center. From formative period…until now, it has been through a lot of challenges and create a lot of patented products, then it becomes the World-class enterprise. Now please follow your tour guide to get to know more about the story of Okuma Center.
  • Ticket
    Our receptionist is kind and thoughtful to our guests.
    We would offer you the service you need in fishing story museum.
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  • Gift Shop
    Each of our featured products is full of creator’s ideas and style. You can only buy them here, at the Okuma Center. You can feel our sincerity from our own kind featured products, surely it would be your first choice to buy a souvenir for yourself or friends.
  • DIY Classroom
    DIY Classroom Childlike bear, piggy bank, lure keychain professional DIY self-set fishing rod, all can play ingenuity to create their own artworks.
    Let me show you!
  • Marine Education Area
    What crisis that marine creatures would meet when our garbage fall into the ocean? What should we do when we’re facing global warming? Fishing needs skill and affected by environmental ecology. Let’s see how to protect our ocean and how important of the ocean environment education.
  • Simulation Fishing Grounds
    Our simulation fishing grounds was import from France. You can fight with fish for an actual experience. No matter you are an expert or beginner, stream fishing or sea fishing, there are various species for your options .
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  • Fishing Situation Area
    Our guided tour is about showing you the mystery of fishing in an easy way.
    You would also amazed by our actual Lure fishing and Rock fishing just like you’re near lake or beside the coast.Here, you can also take picture with our speedboat which imported from America.
  • 3D Theater
    Get to know the fishing world with 3D movie effects make every audience feel like they are personally on the scene. The vivid luminous frescoes on both sides of the theater are the artwork of well-known illustrator Tommy Kinnerup from Europe. The paintings of big fish eating small fish completely depicts the competition of the food chain in the underwater world; And the flounders, bass and other species that was painted by Tommy after his observation - all expressions, movements are all extremely lively. Not only 3D movies itself, but coupled with the photorealistic paintings on both sides just like going through a sea fishing trip which is extremely exciting.