DIY classroom

Just like you’re in the middle century cabin, you can pick the materials you like and create your one and only fishing artwork. 
Come and bring wonderful memories with your friends or family here.
DIY fishing rod

Let's make your fishing rod for lure fishing. Production time is about 30 mins for each and need to wait the glue dry.

DIY fish printing

You could use ink to print the fish on postcard and bookmark. Let’s print out your trophies to have your own memory. It might need NT$50 and about 20 mins for each.

DIY coloring Bo's moneybox
This moneybox is designed by our goodwill ambassador, Bo. Let's color it by your own, make your own memory with Bo. It might need NT$150 and about 20~40 mins for each.
Let me show you!
DIY coloring keychain of minnow
What’s the most attractive minnow in your mind? Let’s use your imagination to paint one killing bait for yourself. It might need NT$150 and about 20 mins for each.
DIY coloring fishing toy
Kid’s favorite. Fishing game machine with two fishing rods, you can share with others. Let’s color it with your imagination and creation. It might need NT$150 and about 20 mins for each.
  • Maximum number of participants is forty for each guide tour.
  • Buy tickets on site at Fishing Story museum on second floor
  • Call for reservation on 04-3501-3338