A promise across over half century.

A young man who has enthusiasm of fishing with his partners from fishing tackle factory who met at work and have same goal because they all love fishing.In 1986,They startup their ambition and promise, they expect to promote the fishing culture in Taiwan by their hard work and make fishing to be the main leisure activity. Therefore, they spend about thirty years to make their dream come true, Okuma Center, which born at Tanzi District in 2019.

Make fishing much easier.

Taiwan is an island country so fishing should be the main leisure activity but lots of people would quit due to the threshold. We hope we can make fishing much easier and more approachable by combine fishing, sightseeing and marine education to open an unique fishing sightseeing in Taiwan.

Okuma Center is not only a sightseeing factory, but also like your home where can have fun and feel free.

Okuma Center combines education with entertainment. We hope Okuma Center would be your TOP choice for your family trip. Here have the most popular giant fishing machine and lots of treasure in our fishing shopping mall at first floor. You can visit our fishing museum with our guided tour, we have 3D theater, DIY classroom and the only one virtual fishing machine in the world at second floor. The most exciting and actual fishing experience are all in Okuma Center.