• Production process
    At production process area, you can see staffs are assembling the reels; they assemble the reels with 18 production procedures, 8 function test, 7 precision and life durable testing to produce and finalize the high-end reel.
  • R & D test
    The important core of a set fishing tackle is reel. Anglers rely on the "drag force” of reel to stabilize the fishing rod, adjust the strength to catch and full up the big fish.
    The reel is mainly composed of gears, ball bearings and other fine parts, it not only to meet the anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-operation and other basic requirements, have to pay attention to the use of the feel and pay, close the flow of fluency, the process has to bear the evil resistance and friction strength.
    Therefore, in order to test our products well, we also invest a great amount for test machines.
    There are two test benchmark of R & D test area - "life test" and "comprehensive test"; to test reel in the handle of the rivets, teeth meshing, brake Division reliability, adjust the lever repeatedly toggle reliability, wire shaft, slide and throwing push button reliability, coil drag test, high / low speed Variable speed mechanism reliability and other test items.