• Souvenir Shop
    You may notice our Souvenir Shop by the huge clear vitrine and the showcase in ship shape. We have many kinds of featured goods about Marine which are from everywhere in Taiwan. It’s base on three different ideas as Culture Creative, Education and Souvenir. If you are choosing a gift now then you definitely can’t miss our Souvenir Shop. You will find wooden souvenir and creative coloring book etc., which suit every person every age.
    Let me show you!
  • Entertainment Space
    We have American style Entertainment Space which can make you feel like you’re in. American Night Market. It is safe and high-interactivity, you also may win a huge plushie as well.
  • Creative Goods Shop
    Our exotic shopping Arcade is not only good for shopping but also a good place to take a photo, Don't miss our featured goods and special snacks here.
  • Food Court
    If you are hungry while shopping at Shopping Arcade, we also have many choices here.
  • Fishing Tackle Shop
    The one and only Fishing Tackle Shop of Okuma in Taiwan, we have a satisfactory variety of fishing goods and the most professional products. If you have any question of fishing, you may feel free to ask our staffs. Here, the Fishing Tackle Shop of Okuma would be your best choice.
  • Dante Coffee
    We got another famous café here in Taichung as Dante Coffee. We have the comfortable seat and relax space, you may come with your friend to have a chatting time or your family to have a lovely time or you may have a simple business meeting here. We supply a variety of meals, drinks and desserts.
  • Information Center
    If you still do not know where to go on Holidays, come here! Let our staff leads you the way to have fun around Taichung city. We will give you the most kindness, convenient and lovely service. Please feel free to come over and ask anytime.
  • Lobby (The Biggest Fishing Game Machine)
    The one and only biggest fishing game machine in the World, we amplify the auto-fisher you had play when you were little to width of seven meters. It’s a good place to take picture, and even can get a chance to fight the fish with our rod. You can see the fishing game machine dancing along with the music, when the fish jumps out the water you can catch it easily with the rod. Our game machine is not just a game, you might need to use the professional tools to catch our fish which weights is over 1 kg. You may feel like you’re fishing at river or sea but more safe to every age whom over sixth.。
    Let me show you!