Mechanical bionic fish

An awesome collection
Production company introduction

A comprehensive film and television special effects company located in Wellington, New Zealand. Its business scope includes design, professional props modeling and repair, production of biological props, armor weapons production, micro-carving, large-scale scenes, scenery and clothing production. We are familiar with the film such as "Avatar", "Lord of the Rings trilogy", "King Kong" and other effects are from the Vita's production team. The company has experience in receiving foreign dignitaries, Prince Charles and Prince Brunei have visited the studio. Currently see the two lifelike swordfish and tuna mechanical bionic fish, is the only Vita digital fish made the theme, but also the final sound. This was made by the infamous Weta workshop here in New Zealand, they are the people that also make the dragons, costumes, crazy animals and all artwork etc for the “Hobit” movies, “Lord of the rings” etc. Inspired by the huge striped marlin in around the New Zealand waters they decided to take a lot of the rubbish from the ocean and on land to build these fish to show the awesome species that swim our ocean down under and to also represent a premium fishing rod company here in New Zealand, Composite Developments N.Z. Ltd. Naturally they took some time to piece together as any fine bit of artwork does. Weta workshop in New Zealand leads the world today in the manufacture of movies sets, animated characters and fine works of art, such as this fish you are looking at right now.

Why is the flag fish and tuna do the protagonist?

The speed of the flagfish up to 100km / h, known as the sea Ferrari reputation, often after the hook after the ramming off on the decoupling or disconnection, is very difficult boat fishing species. Tuna because of the huge volume of growth (up to 600kg), the hook will be quickly under the shallow to the deep sea, so many anglers pull also pull back, and therefore won the title of the locomotive in the sea. The use of these two kinds of fishing people in the hearts of the limit species to build mechanical bionic fish, but also the performance of these two fish in the hearts of the high degree of fishing people.

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